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FNRS bibliography

According the FNRS guide of applicants, “Applicants holding the academic degree of doctor who have been working for at least 2 years in institutions that have set up an institutional repository (IR) must absolutely submit their publication list in a PDF format, directly created from this repository, and choose the appropriate F.R.S.-FNRS format.”


What are the requirements so that a publication is accepted by the FNRS?

Only the document types below are accepted:

  • Books published, as author, co-author or publisher
  • Book chapters or participation in a collective work, as author or co-author of this chapter
  • Articles published in journals with peer-review or category considered equivalent (justify it) in the concerned discipline
  • Articles published in the conference proceedings
  • Oral presentation at conferences with a scientific selection committee
  • Patents

These documents shall have the status below:

  • Peer-reviewed
  • Published or Accepted/In press

The submitted publications shall not be included in the list of publications.

The mention OK appears under the “FNRS validity” tab of the reference when all conditions are met.

The FRS-FNRS bibliography generated in does not contain all of my publications !

Several reasons may explain this:

  • They are not in and --> you must encode them
  • You are not mentionned as the author of this publication in --> You need to change author’s data in the reference (Edit in
  • These publications, such as encoded in DIAL, are not in the canvas required by the FRS-FNRS
  1. Does the type or sub-type of document respects the FNRS framework?
  2. Is there a Peer-reviewed journal?
  3. Is the document status 'published' or 'Accepted/In press'?

If your document doesn’t meet, at least, these three requirements (requested by FRS-FNRS), your publication will not appear in your bibliography.

You can change all missing or wrong data in the DIAL reference.

The bibliography generated does not contain all of my publications which nevertheless comply with the FRS-FNRS canvas !

  1. These publications are not present in --> you need to encode them
  2. You are not cited as the author of this document in (with FGS number), you need to change author’s data in the reference. (Edit in

Be careful ! If you do not mention any affiliation during the encoding, your reference will only be visible and exportable from the home page

My FRS-FNRS bibliography contains publications that are not mine !

This problem appears with homonym (namesake). Contact the DIAL team to solve this problem. Indeed, it's possible to make a distinction between the publications lists of concerned homonyms.

The metadata of some publications in my bibliography are incorrect / incomplete

To resolve this, you need to edit the reference (only possible for author of the reference or "delegator") in​Edit in