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    • Journal article
    Differentiation of membrane IgE+ rat B cells into IgE-secreting cells.
    Vanhove, B.[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] (1993) Immunology — Vol. 79, no. 4, p. 580-6 (1993)
    • Journal article
    Possible Involvement of Terminal Complement Complex in Active Heymann Nephritis
    Deheer, E. Daha, MR. Bhakdi, S. Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Vanes, LA. (1985) Kidney International — Vol. 27, no. 2, p. 388-393 (1985)
    • Journal article
    Purification of Rat Monoclonal-antibodies
    Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Cormont, F. Declercq, L. (1986) Methods in Enzymology — Vol. 121, p. 638-652 (1986)
    • Journal article
    The ethics of vaccine usage in society: lessons from the past. Commentary.
    Bazin, Hervé[UCL] (2001) Current opinion in immunology — Vol. 13, no. 4, p. 505-10 (2001)
    • Journal article
    BTI-322 for acute rejection after renal transplantation.
    Mourad, Michel[UCL] Besse, T. Malaise, Jacques Baldi, A Latinne, Dominique[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Pirson, Yves[UCL] Hope, J Squifflet, Jean-Paul[UCL] (1997) Transplantation proceedings — Vol. 29, no. 5, p. 2353 (1997)
    • Journal article
    Resting B cells can act as antigen presenting cells in vivo and induce antibody responses.
    Denis, O. Latinne, Dominique[UCL] Nisol, Françoise[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] (1993) International immunology — Vol. 5, no. 1, p. 71-8 (1993)
    • Journal article
    Modulation of rat B cell differentiation in vivo by the administration of an anti-mu monoclonal antibody.
    Soares, M. Havaux, Xavier[UCL] Nisol, Françoise[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Latinne, Dominique[UCL] (1996) Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) — Vol. 156, no. 1, p. 108-18 (1996)
    • Speech
    Spontaneous baboon cell-mediated cytotoxicity to PAECs: The role of galactosyl residues
    Dehoux, Jean-Paul[UCL] Nizet, Yannick[UCL] de la Parra, Bernardo[UCL] Lecuivre, Corinne[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Latinne, Dominique[UCL] Gianello, Pierre[UCL] (2003) 7th Congress of the International-Xenotransplantation-Association — GLASGOW (Scotland)
    • Journal article
    Ontogenèse et différenciation des lymphocytes B à IgE chez le rat
    Manouvriez, P. Bazin, Hervé[UCL] (1984) Reproduction, Nutrition, Development — Vol. 24, no. 2, p. 167-173 (1984)
    • Journal article
    Migrant Mu+ Delta+ and Static Mu+ Delta- Lymphocyte-b Subsets
    Gray, D. Maclennan, ICM. Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Khan, M. (1982) European Journal of Immunology — Vol. 12, no. 7, p. 564-569 (1982)
    • Journal article
    Partial Structure of a Rat Igd Molecule With a Deletion in the Heavy-chain
    Alcaraz, G. Bourgois, Annick[UCL] Moulin, A. Bazin, Hervé[UCL] Fougereau, M. (1980) Annales d'Immunologie — Vol. C131, no. 3, p. 363-388 (1980)
    • BookChapter
    Use of Anti-μ Monoclonal Antibodies in Xenotransplantation: A Potential Approach To Overcome Vascular Rejection
    Soares, Miguel[UCL] Havaux, X.[UCL] Cormont, Françoise[UCL] Nisol, Françoise[UCL] Besse, Tatiana[UCL] Gianello, Pierre[UCL] Latinne, Dominique[UCL] Bazin, Hervé[UCL] (1997) Xenotransplantation - The Transplantation of Organs and Tissues Between Species — [ISBN : 978-3-642-64460-3]