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    • Journal article
    Donor cell leukemia developing after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for multiple myeloma
    Havelange, Violaine[UCL] Saussoy, Pascale[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Antoine-Poirel, Helene[UCL] (2006) Acta Clinica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 61, no. 2, p. 82-86 (2006)
    • Journal article
    Liver transplantation for chronic graft-versus-host disease: case report with 10-year follow-up.
    Orlando, Giuseppe Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Schots, Rik Goffette, Pierre[UCL] Mathijs, Jules Lemaire, Julien Danse, Etienne[UCL] Talpe, Stéphanie Latinne, Dominique[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] (2005) Transplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation — Vol. 18, no. 1, p. 125-9 (2005)
    • Journal article
    Long-term survival after allogeneic stem cell transplantation for advanced stage multiple myeloma
    Vekemans, Marie-Christiane[UCL] Michaux, Lucienne[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] (2014) British Journal of Haematology — Vol. 166, no. 4, p. 616-618 (2014)
    • Speech
    Surveillance cultures for Clostridium difficile in allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Vekemans, Marie-Christiane[UCL] Delmée, Michel[UCL] Van Den Neste, Eric[UCL] Servaty, A. -M.[UCL] Poire, Xavier[UCL] (2010) 36th Annual Meeting of the European-Group-for-Blood-and-Marrow-Transplantat/9th Meeting of the EBMT Data-Management-Group/26th Meeting of the EBMT Nurses Group/2nd EBMT Qual Management Meeting — Vienna (Austria)
    • Journal article
    [Protein-losing Enteropathy Caused By Acute Graft-versus-host Disease - a Case-report]
    Ghilain, JM. Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Martiat, P. Fiasse, René[UCL] Michaux, JL. (1990) Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 53, no. 5-6, p. 488-498 (1990)
    • Journal article
    [Hypereosinophilic Syndrome - Notes On 2 Cases and a Review of Current Research]
    Straetmans, Nicole[UCL] Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Martiat, P. Sokal, G. Michaux, JL. (1992) Acta Clinica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 47, no. 2, p. 90-99 (1992)
    • Journal article
    Scintigraphy With In-111-labeled Red-cells in Intermittent Gastrointestinal-bleeding
    Ferrant, Augustin[UCL] Dehasque, N. Leners, N. Meunier, H. (1980) The Journal of Nuclear Medicine — Vol. 21, no. 9, p. 844-845 (1980)