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    • Speech
    Metrics and anomalies of the land cover dynamics in Europe
    Hawotte, Florent[UCL] Radoux, Julien[UCL] De Maet, Thomas[UCL] Lamarche, Céline[UCL] Rousseau, Corentin[UCL] Defourny, Pierre[UCL] (2015) Empowering Biodiversity Research conference — Bruxelles, Belgium
    • Speech
    Lifewatch Wallonia-Brussels : What's up on the land
    Radoux, Julien[UCL] Rousseau, Corentin[UCL] De Maet, Thomas[UCL] Defourny, Pierre[UCL] (2013) Biodiversity Informatics Horizons 2013 — Rome
    • Speech
    Use of OSS in the Lifewatch biodiversity research project
    Radoux, Julien[UCL] Rousseau, Corentin[UCL] Lamarche, Céline[UCL] De Maet, Thomas[UCL] Defourny, Pierre[UCL] Delangre, Jessica Coos, William Dufrêne, Marc (2015) FOSDEM 2015 : Free Open Source Developers’ European Meeting — Bruxelles
    • Speech
    CCI-LC seasonality product. Characterizing the reference dynamics of the land surface.
    Lamarche, Céline[UCL] Bontemps, Sophie[UCL] Rousseau, Corentin[UCL] De Maet, Thomas[UCL] Verhegghen, Astrid Radoux, Julien[UCL] Van Bogaert, Eric[UCL] Arino, Olivier Defourny, Pierre[UCL] (2014) The 4th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing: RAQRS'IV — Torrent (Valencia)-Spain