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    • Journal article
    L'infection congénitale à cytomégalovirus : rôle du laboratoire de virologie
    Bodéus, Monique[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] (2003) Immunoanalyse et Biologie Specialisee — Vol. 18, no. 4, p. 212-217 (2003)
    • Journal article
    Hepatitis E virus: an underdiagnosed cause of chronic hepatitis in renal transplant recipients
    Halleux, D[UCL] Kanaan, Nada[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] Thomas, I. Hassoun, Ziad[UCL] (2012) Transplant Infectious Disease (Print) — Vol. 14, no. 1, p. 99-102 (2012)
    • Journal article
    Scouts, forests, and ticks: Impact of landscapes on human-tick contacts
    de Keukeleire, Mathilde[UCL] Vanwambeke, Sophie[UCL] Somassè, Elysée[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] Luyasu, Victor[UCL] Robert, Annie[UCL] (2015) Journal of Spirochetal and Tick-borne Diseases — Vol. 6, no.5, p. 636-644 (2015)
    • Speech
    Survival Outcome after Early and Late Hepatic Re-Transplantation (Re-LT) for HCV(+) and HCV(-) Patients
    Bonaccorsi Riani, Eliano[UCL] Julliard, O[UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] De Reyck, Chantal[UCL] Roggen, F[UCL] Hassoun, Ziad[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] Sempoux, C[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] (2010) 16th Annual Congress of the International-Liver-Transplantation-Society — Hong Kong (China)
    • Journal article
    Biotin interferences: Have we neglected the impact on serological markers?
    Bayart, Jean-Louis[UCL] Favresse, Julien[UCL] Stoefs, Anke[UCL] Closset, Mélanie[UCL] Roy, Tatiana Fillee, Catherine[UCL] Rodriguez-Villalobos, Hector[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] Gruson, Damien[UCL] (2020) Clinica chimica acta; international journal of clinical chemistry — Vol. 503, p. 107-112 (2020)
    • Journal article
    Definition of clinical threshold for CMV real-time PCR after comparison with PP65 antigenaemia and clinical data.
    Mullier, François[UCL] Kabamba-Mukadi, Benoît[UCL] Bodéus, Monique[UCL] Goubau, Patrick[UCL] (2009) Acta Clinica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 64, no. 6, p. 477-482 (2009)