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DIAL.mem : UCL Electronic Master theses

DIAL.mem is the institutional repository for the Master theses of the UCL. It aims at archiving a digital copy of all successful Master theses. Access to those copies is given where both the student and the institution have approved it. DIAL.mem is part of DIAL “Digital Access to Libraries” – the gateway to the electronic resources of the UCL Libraries.

Digital preservation and use of Master theses entail many advantages for their authors, the users, and the university:

  • Greater promotion and 24/7 accessibility
  • Direct and unique access for both the text and the appendices (in whatever file format)
  • Advanced research options, including on the full text
  • Environmental benefits and saving in stack spaces
  • Struggle against plagiarism

In 2015-2016, six faculties participated in the digital filing of Master theses in DIAL.mem :

  • The Faculty of Law and Criminology
  • The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
  • The Faculty of Public Health
  • The Faculty of Theology
  • The Louvain School of Engineering
  • The Louvain School of Management

In 2016-2017 The Faculty of Philosophy and Arts (Faculté de philosophie, arts et lettres) will join in.

For an exact list, click on "All theses" and look at the "Degree" filter located on the left side of the screen.

More information on the contents and functionalities of DIAL.mem can be found in the FAQ (French only).