Here are some important reminders and terms of use for the deposit procedure.
  • Some personal data are collected during the deposit process. Please read the full conditions (French) before starting the deposit, or later on through the link located at the bottom of the webform.
  • The file(s) that you are about to upload is (are) the official version of your master thesis and will be communicated to the jury as such. If your faculty also requires the delivery of one or more printed copies, those must be printed from the deposited files. Discrepancies between the printed version and the electronic version may lead the jury to decide on an irregularity and to assign a "T" grade (0/20).
  • A student can only submit one thesis per examination period (Exception: a student defending in the same examination session 2 thesises for 2 different study programs deposits a first thesis and then addresses the second program manager to fulfill the second deposit.)
  • The deposit consists of 3 steps :
    1. describing the thesis
    2. uploading the file(s) and restricting access if necessary
    3. controlling the data and confirming the deposit
    You do not have to complete the 3 steps in one run : you can save you data at any time and resume your deposit later). But after the final confirmation, you will no longer have access to the form. Only your program manager could later modify the entered data and add an errata file. After final confirmation, replacing one file with another will never be accepted.
  • • So be particularly careful to upload the correct versions of your files and with the accuracy of the data. Be aware that the title of the thesis will be printed on the appendix of your diploma exactly as you will have introduced it here.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions.

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