Collection Imprim@Lex

La collection Imprim@Lex regroupe 735 imprimés anciens des 16e et 17e siècles dont 470 exemplaires de textes de loi promulgués et imprimés au nom des souverains des Pays-Bas espagnols (ce qui concerne une grande partie du territoire belge actuel) et 265 textes anciens (pamphlets, textes de loi…) imprimés aux Provinces-Unies, c'est à dire l'actuel Royaume des Pays-Bas.

Parmi les textes des Pays-Bas espagnols repris dans cette collection, on retrouve uniquement des textes de lois (ordonnances et placards)....

Old academic collection

The Collectio academica antiqua or the old academic collection groups all works published by members of the Old Louvain University, from its foundation in 1425 until the abolition by the French government in 1797. It is a unique collection, derived from the only Belgian academic institution under the Ancien Régime. At the split of the university in the 1970’s, she was divided between both universities.

The libraries of UCL and KULeuven began the project of bringing these books together on the same digital platform to make this collection again accessible as a whole for...

Japanese collection

The collection of old japanese books was donated by Japan to the Université de Louvain in the 1920's.

This donation of 3.202 titles in 13.682 volumes was probably the largest donation of japanese books to an european library before the second war. The majority of books dates from Edo period (1600-1868) and the selection included a number of precious editions and manuscripts.

Two men were responsible of the selection of books: Wada Mankichi, head librarian of Tokyo imperial University and Urushiyama Matashirô, eminent bibliographer and specialist of Japanese...