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    • Journal article
    Languages in the European Union: The quest for equality and its cost
    Fidrmuc, Jan Ginsburgh, Victor (2007) European Economic Review — Vol. 51, no. 6, p. 1351-1369 (2007)
    • Journal article
    The European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals and tail docking in dogs
    Lefebvre, D. Lips, D.[UCL] Giffroy, J. M. (2007) OIE Revue Scientifique et Technique — Vol. 26, no. 3, p. 619-628 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Occupational exposure to inhalable wood dust in the member states of the European Union
    Kauppinen, Timo Verougstraete, Violaine[UCL] (2006) Annals of Occupational Hygiene : an international scientific journal on the causation and control of work-related ill-health — Vol. 50, no. 6, p. 549-61 (2006)
    • Journal article
    Effets pervers des déréglementations européennes : le cas du transport routier de marchandises
    Hilal, Nadia (2006) Sociologie du Travail — Vol. 48, no. 2, p. 175-187 (2006)
    • Journal article
    Applicability of non-invasively collected matrices for human biomonitoring
    Smolders, Roel Schramm, Karl-Werner Nickmilder, Marc[UCL] Schoeters, Greet (2009) Environmental Health: A Global Access Science Source — Vol. 8, p. 8 (2009)