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    • Journal article
    The classical metapopulation theory and the real, natural world: a critical appraisal
    Baguette, Michel[UCL] (2004) Basic and Applied Ecology — Vol. 5, no. 3, p. 213-224 (2004)
    • Journal article
    Functional habitat area as a reliable proxy for population size: case study using two butterfly species of conservation concern
    Turlure, Camille[UCL] Choutt, Julie[UCL] Van Dyck, Hans[UCL] Baguette, Michel Schtickzelle, Nicolas[UCL] (2010) Journal of Insect Conservation : an international journal devoted to the conservation of inects and related invertebrates — Vol. 14, no. 4, p. 379-388 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Resource grain scales mobility and adult morphology in butterflies
    Turlure, Camille[UCL] Schtickzelle, Nicolas[UCL] Baguette, Michel (2010) Landscape Ecology — Vol. 25, no. 1, p. 95-108 (2010)
    • Journal article
    Local population dynamics are important to the conservation of metapopulations in highly fragmented landscapes
    Baguette, Michel[UCL] Schtickzelle, Nicolas[UCL] (2003) Journal of Applied Ecology : ecology with management relevance — Vol. 40, no. 2, p. 404-412 (2003)