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    • Journal article
    Vitamins A and E: metabolism, roles and transfer to offspring.
    Debier, Cathy[UCL] Larondelle, Yvan[UCL] (2005) The British journal of nutrition — Vol. 93, no. 2, p. 153-74 (2005)
    • Journal article
    Vitamin E during pre- and postnatal periods.
    Debier, Cathy[UCL] (2007) Vitamins and hormones — Vol. 76, p. 357-73 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Lipid peroxidation is not a prerequisite for the development of obesity and diabetes in high-fat-fed mice.
    Sohet, Florence[UCL] Neyrinck, Audrey M.[UCL] Dewulf, Evelyne[UCL] Bindels, Laure B.[UCL] Portois, Laurence Malaisse, Willy J. Carpentier, Yvon A. Cani, Patrice D.[UCL] Delzenne, Nathalie M.[UCL] (2009) The British Journal of Nutrition : an international journal of nutritional science — Vol. 102, no. 3, p. 462-469 (2009)