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    • Journal article
    Preliminary study of large and small peripheral nerve fibers in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, type I.
    Hanson, Philippe[UCL] Deltombe, Thierry (1998) American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation / Association of Academic Physiatrists — Vol. 77, no. 1, p. 45-8 (1998)
    • Journal article
    The fine tuning of pain thresholds: a sophisticated double alarm system.
    Plaghki, Léon[UCL] Decruynaere, Céline[UCL] Van Dooren, Paul[UCL] Le Bars, Daniel (2010) PLoS One — Vol. 5, no. 4, p. e10269 [1-28] (2010)
    • Journal article
    A model of the mammalian optic nerve fibre based on experimental data.
    Oozeer, Medhi[UCL] Veraart, Claude[UCL] Legat, Vincent[UCL] Delbeke, Jean[UCL] (2006) Vision research — Vol. 46, no. 16, p. 2513-2524 (2006)
    • BookChapter
    Are the processes reflected by late and ultra-late laser evoked potentials specific of nociception?
    Mouraux, André[UCL] Plaghki, Léon[UCL] (2006) Functional Neuroscience: Evoked Potentials and Related Techniques — [ISBN : 978-0-444-51697-8]
    • Journal article
    How response inhibition modulates nociceptive and non-nociceptive somatosensory brain-evoked potentials
    Hatem, Samar[UCL] Plaghki, Léon[UCL] Mouraux, André[UCL] (2007) Clinical Neurophysiology — Vol. 118, no. 7, p. 1503-1516 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Automatic morphometry of nerve histological sections.
    Romero, E. Denef, Jean-François[UCL] Cuisenaire, O. Delbeke, Jean[UCL] Macq, Benoît[UCL] Veraart, Claude[UCL] (2000) Journal of neuroscience methods — Vol. 97, no. 2, p. 111-22 (2000)
    • Journal article
    Innocuous skin cooling modulates perception and neurophysiological correlates of brief CO2 laser stimuli in humans.
    Nahra, Hicham[UCL] Plaghki, Léon[UCL] (2005) European Journal of Pain — Vol. 9, no. 5, p. 521-530 (2005)