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    • Journal article
    Cloning and Characterization of Genes-coding for Tum-transplantation Antigens
    Boon, Thierry[UCL] Szikora, Jean-Pierre[UCL] De Plaen, Etienne[UCL] Wolfel, T. Van Pel, Aline[UCL] (1989) Journal of Autoimmunity — Vol. 2, p. 109-114 (1989)
    • Speech
    Genes-coding for Tumor-antigens Recognized By Human Cytolytic T-lymphocytes
    Coulie, Pierre[UCL] Weynants, P. Lehmann, F. Herman, Jacques[UCL] Brichard, V. Wolfel, T. Van Pel, Aline[UCL] De Plaen, Etienne[UCL] Brasseur, Francis[UCL] Boon, Thierry[UCL] (1993) Keystone Symposium on Cellular Immunity and the Immunotherapy of Cancer 2 — TAOS(NM, USA)