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    • Speech
    Are empathic people better support providers : Evidence from couple research
    Weytens, Fanny[UCL] (2010) BAPS 2010 Meeting — ULB, Brussels, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Partnerrelaties in context : Een onderzoeksoverzicht
    Verhofstadt, Lesley[UCL] Weytens, Fanny[UCL] (2010) Systeemtherapie — Vol. 22, no. 2, p. 122-129 (2010)
    • Speech
    The role of partner characteristics and relationship properties in the provision of spousal support : A large-scale survey
    Weytens, Fanny[UCL] Verhofstadt, Lesley[UCL] (2010) The biannual IARR Conference on Personal Relationships — Herzlyia, Israel
    • Speech
    Improving health by increasing emotional competence
    Mikolajczak, Moïra[UCL] Weytens, Fanny[UCL] Dupuis, Pauline[UCL] Nelis, Delphine (2009) Psychology and Health — Utrecht, The Netherlands
    • Speech
    Changing emotions by improving emotional competencies.
    Kotsou, Ilios[UCL] Mikolajczak, Moïra[UCL] Weytens, Fanny[UCL] Dupuis, Pauline (2009) "Changing Emotions", National Committee of Psychological Sciences of the Royal Academy of Belgium — Palace of the Academies, Brussels, Belgium.
    • Speech
    Improving resilience by increasing emotional competence.
    Kotsou, Ilios[UCL] Weytens, Fanny[UCL] Dupuis, Pauline Nelis, Delphine Mikolajczak, Moïra[UCL] (2009) Fourth International Forum “Resilience, regulation and quality of life”. — Louvain-la-Neuve