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    • Speech
    Landscape dynamics in tropical Andean ecosystems in response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances
    Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] (2019) VULnerability of Populations under Extreme Scenarios: Final meeting — Cuenca, Ecuador
    • Speech
    Andean landscapes marking the interactions of biota and humans with earth surface processes
    Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] (2019) Annual Meeting of European Geoscience Union — Vienna, Austria
    • BookChapter
    Contrasting erosion in disturbed ecosystems: Impact of humans on erosion processes is ecosystem-dependent.
    Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] Bellin, Nicolas[UCL] Schoonejans, Jérôme[UCL] Molina, Armando Kubik, Peter (2014) Annual report 2013. Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics. — [ISBN : 978-3-9524038-4-6]
    • Journal article
    Kinetically limited weathering at low denudation rates in semiarid climatic conditions.
    Schoonejans, Jérôme[UCL] Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] Opfergelt, Sophie[UCL] Ameijeiras Mariño, Yolanda[UCL] (2016) Journal of Geophysical Research — Vol. 121, no. 121 (2016), p. 336–350 (2016)
    • Journal article
    Challenges for research on global change in mainland Ecuador
    Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] Molina, Armando Torres, Rossana Calderon, Edison Cadilhac, Laura (2018) Neotropical Biodiversity — Vol. 4, no.1, p. 113-117 (2018)
    • Speech
    Meteoric 10Be as a tool to investigate human induced soil fluxes: a conceptual model
    Campforts, Benjamin[UCL] Govers, G. Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] De Vente, J. Boix-Fayos, C. Minella, J. Baken, S. Smolders, E. (2014) EGU General Assembly 2014Annual Meeting of the European Geosciences Union — Vienna, Austria