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    • Journal article
    Nanosuspension for the delivery of a poorly soluble anti-cancer kinase inhibitor.
    Danhier, Fabienne[UCL] Ucakar, Bernard[UCL] Vanderhaegen, Marie-Lyse Brewster, Marcus E Arien, Tina Préat, Véronique[UCL] (2014) European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics — Vol. 88, no. 1, p. 252-260 (2014)
    • Speech
    Nanoparticular delivery systems of cancer vaccines
    Lambricht, Laure[UCL] Vanvarenberg, Kevin[UCL] Bove, Marie-Justine[UCL] Ucakar, Bernard[UCL] Vandermeulen, Gaëlle[UCL] Préat, Véronique[UCL] (2014) 3rd Nanodrug International Scientific Meeting — Coimbra, Portugal
    • Speech
    Paclitaxel radiosensitizes tumor via an oxygen effect
    Danhier, Pierre[UCL] Danhier, Fabienne[UCL] Magotteaux, Nicolas[UCL] De Preter, Géraldine[UCL] Ucakar, Bernard[UCL] Karroum, Oussama[UCL] Jordan, Bénédicte[UCL] Gallez, Bernard[UCL] Préat, Véronique[UCL] (2011) Annual Meeting 2011 of the Belgian Association for Cancer Research : "Hallmarks of Cancer revisited" — (Belgium) Liege