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    • Journal article
    What affects creative performance in idea co-creation : competitive cooperative or coopetitive climate ?
    Zhao, Zhenzhen Renard, Damien[UCL] Elmoukhliss, Mehdi Balague, Christine (2016) International Journal of Innovation Management — Vol. 20, no.3, p. 1640002 (2016)
    • Journal article
    La production participative d’idées : quels effets du dispositif socio-technique sur les pratiques ?
    Renard, Damien (2018) Communiquer. Revue de communication sociale et publique — , no.21, p. 63-78 (2018)
    • Journal article
    Influence intra-blogosphérique et visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux
    Renard, Damien[UCL] (2015) Netcom — Vol. 28, no.3/4, p. 239-256 (2014)
    • Speech
    Coopetitive innovation contests: design and effects on user behaviors
    Zhao, Zhenzhen Elmoukhliss, Mehdi Renard, Damien[UCL] Balagué, Christine (2016) ICTO 2016: Information and Communication Technologies in Organizations and Society — Paris
    • Speech
    Social interdependence on idea crowdsourcing platforms
    Renard, Damien[UCL] (2018) 68th Annual Conference of the International Communication — Prague
    • Journal article
    Social interdependence on crowdsourcing platforms
    Renard, Damien[UCL] Davis, Joseph (2019) Journal of Business Research — (2019)