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    • Speech
    Virtual reality really effective for online real estate agencies ?
    Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Poncin, Ingrid[UCL] (2019) 26th Retailing Advances Research Consumer Services (RARCS) Conference — Tallinn, Estonia
    • Journal article
    Beyond awareness and resources: Evaluative conditioning may be sensitive to processing goals
    Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Yzerbyt, Vincent[UCL] Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Mussweiler, Thomas (2009) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology — Vol. 45, no. 1, p. 279-282 (2009)
    • Journal article
    Is positivity a cue or a response option? Warm glow vs evaluative matching in the familiarity for attractive and not-so-attractive faces
    Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Monin, B Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] (2005) Journal of Experimental Social Psychology — Vol. 41, no. 4, p. 431-437 (2005)
    • Journal article
    Aware and (dis)liking: item-based analyses reveal that valence acquisition via evaluative conditioning emerges only when there is contingency awareness
    Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Luminet, Olivier[UCL] Yzerbyt, Vincent[UCL] (2007) Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition — Vol. 33, no. 1, p. 130-144 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Emotion-specific load disrupts concomitant affective processing
    Vermeulen, Nicolas[UCL] Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Bayot, Marie[UCL] Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Niedenthal, Paula M. (2014) The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology — Vol. 67, no. 9, p. 1655-1660 (2014)
    • Journal article
    Second-person social neuroscience : connections to past and future theories, methods, and findings
    Vermeulen, Nicolas[UCL] Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Mermillod, Martial (2013) Behavioral and Brain Sciences : an international journal of current research and theory with open peer commentary — Vol. 36, no.4, p. 440-441 (2013)
    • Journal article
    Verifying properties of concepts spontaneously requires sharing resources with same-modality percept
    Vermeulen, Nicolas[UCL] Chang, Betty[UCL] Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Mermillod, Martial (2013) Cognitive Processing : international quarterly of cognitive science — Vol. 14, no. 1, p. 81-87 (2013)
    • Journal article
    Evaluative conditioning may incur attentional costs
    Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Corneille, Olivier[UCL] Yzerbyt, Vincent[UCL] Luminet, Olivier[UCL] (2009) Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes — Vol. 35, no. 2, p. 279-85 (2009)
    • Journal article
    How does interactivity of online media hamper ad effectiveness
    Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] Vermeulen, Nicolas[UCL] (2019) International Journal of Marketing Research — (2019)
    • Journal article
    Shape congruence in product design: Impacts on automatically activated attitudes Gordy Pleyers
    Pleyers, Gordy[UCL] (2019) Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services : forging the link between research and practice — (2019)