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    • Speech
    Projection of time series with periodicity on a sphere
    Onclinx, Victor[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] Wertz, Vincent[UCL] (2008) European Symposium on Time Series Prediction (ESTSP'08) — Porvoo (Finland)
    • Speech
    Nonlinear data projection on a sphere with a controlled trade-off between trustworthiness and continuity
    Onclinx, Victor[UCL] Wertz, Vincent[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2008) 16th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks (ESANN 2008) — Bruges (Belgium)
    • Speech
    Dimensionality reduction by rank preservation
    Onclinx, Victor[UCL] Lee, John Aldo[UCL] Wertz, Vincent[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2010) 2010 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2010) — Barcelona (Spain)