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    • Journal article
    Tissue distribution and evolution of fructosamine 3-kinase and fructosamine 3-kinase-related protein.
    Delplanque, Jérôme[UCL] Delpierre, Ghislain[UCL] Opperdoes, Frederik[UCL] Van Schaftingen, Emile[UCL] (2004) Journal of Biological Chemistry — Vol. 279, no. 45, p. 46606-46613 (2004)
    • Journal article
    Fructosamine 3-kinase, an enzyme involved in protein deglycation.
    Delpierre, Ghislain[UCL] Van Schaftingen, Emile[UCL] (2003) Biochemical Society transactions — Vol. 31, no. Pt 6, p. 1354-1357 (2003)
    • Journal article
    Identification of a pathway for the utilization of the Amadori product fructoselysine in Escherichia coli.
    Wiame, Elsa[UCL] Delpierre, Ghislain[UCL] Collard, François[UCL] Van Schaftingen, Emile[UCL] (2002) The Journal of biological chemistry — Vol. 277, no. 45, p. 42523-9 (2002)