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    • Journal article
    Critical illness myopathy unrelated to corticosteroids or neuromuscular blocking agents.
    Deconinck, N. Van Parijs, Vinciane[UCL] Beckers-Bleukx, G Van den Bergh, Peter[UCL] (1998) Neuromuscular disorders : NMD — Vol. 8, no. 3-4, p. 186-92 (1998)
    • Journal article
    The physiological evaluation of gene therapies of dystrophin-deficient muscles.
    Gillis, Jean-Marie[UCL] Deconinck, N. (1998) Advances in experimental medicine and biology — Vol. 453, p. 411-6; discussion 417 (1998)
    • Journal article
    Adult-onset nemaline myopathy and monoclonal gammopathy: a case report.
    Deconinck, N. Laterre, Emile-Christian[UCL] Van den Bergh, Peter[UCL] (2000) Acta neurologica Belgica — Vol. 100, no. 1, p. 34-40 (2000)
    • Journal article
    Functional protection of dystrophic mouse (mdx) muscles after adenovirus-mediated transfer of a dystrophin minigene.
    Deconinck, N. Ragot, T Maréchal, Georges[UCL] Perricaudet, M. Gillis, Jean-Marie[UCL] (1996) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America — Vol. 93, no. 8, p. 3570-4 (1996)