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    • Journal article
    From water to tillage erosion dominated landscape evolution
    Van Oost, Kristof[UCL] Van Muysen, W. Govers, G. Deckers, Jozef Quine, T. (2005) Geomorphology — Vol. 72, no.1-4, p. 193-203 (2005)
    • BookChapter
    Use of soil maps for modelling transport of agro-chemicals from soil to the aquatic environment: implications for geo-medical research
    Deckers, Jozef[FUSL] Rampelberg, S. Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] (1996) Chemical data of plant animal and human tissues as a basis for geo-medical research —
    • Journal article
    Evolution of the effectiveness of stone bunds and trenches in reducing runoff and soil loss in the semi-arid Ethiopian highlands
    Taye, Gebeyehu Poesen, Jean Vanmaercke, Matthias van Wesemael, Bas[UCL] Martens, Lotte Teka, Daniel[UCL] Nyssen, Jan Deckers, Jozef Vanacker, Veerle[UCL] Haregeweyn, Nigussie Hallet, Vincent (2015) Zeitschrift fuer Geomorphologie : annals of geomorphology - annales de Geomorphologie (a journal recognized by the Int. Assoc. of Geomorphologists (IAG)) — Vol. 59, no.4, p. 477-493 (2015)