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    • Speech
    The sampling-based dynamic procedure for LES : investigations using finite differences
    Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Georges, Laurent[UCL] (2006) ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation 6 (DLES-6) — Poitiers, France
    • Speech
    Spectral behavior of various subgrid-scale models in LES at very high Reynolds number
    Cocle, Roger[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2008) Quality and reliability of Large-Eddy Simulations (QLES 2007) — Leuven, Belgium
    • BookChapter
    Accelerating FEM and BEM acoustic solutions
    Tournour, M. Rossion, Jean-Pol[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] McCulloch, C. McGan, I. (2003) Modelling and Experimental Measurements in Acoustics III — [ISBN : 1-85312-975-5]
    • Journal article
    Aircraft wake vortices in stably stratified and weakly turbulent atmospheres: simulation and modeling
    De Visscher, Ivan[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2012) AIAA Journal : devoted to aerospace research and development — Vol. 51, no. 3, p. 551-566 (2013)
    • Speech
    DNS and LES of turbulent channel flows at very low Prandtl number: application to convection in lead-bismuth
    Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] Bartosiewicz, Yann[UCL] (2011) The 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics, NURETH-14 — Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    • Speech
    Improving the near-wall behavior of multiscale models for LES
    Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2008) 61st Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics — San Antonio, Texas
    • Speech
    Simulation of three-dimensional wake vortices in ground effect with a fourth order incompressible code
    Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Lonfils, Timothée[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2006) 7th National Congress on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (NCTAM2006) — Mons, Belgium
    • Speech
    A new multiscale model with proper behaviour in both vortex flows and wall bounded flows
    Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2010) Seventh International ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation — University of Trieste
    • Speech
    DES of the flow past a pair of cylinder in tandem configuration
    Marichal, Yves[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Carton de Wiart, Corentin[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] Geuzaine, P. (2010) Workshop on benchmark problems for airframe noise comutations — Stockholm, Sueden
    • Speech
    Multiscale Models for Large Eddy Simulation of Aircraft Wake Vortices Under Various Atmospheric Conditions
    Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] De Visscher, Ivan[UCL] Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] (2009) 2009 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition — Florida, US
    • Speech
    Direct numerical simulation and large-eddy simulation of wake vortices : going from laboratory conditions to flight conditions
    Winckelmans, Grégoire[UCL] Cocle, Roger[UCL] Dufresne, L. Capart, Raphaël[UCL] Bricteux, Laurent[UCL] Daeninck, Goéric[UCL] Lonfils, Timothée[UCL] Duponcheel, Matthieu[UCL] Desenfans, Olivier[UCL] Georges, Laurent[UCL] (2006) Proc. European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECCOMAS CFD 2006), Special Technology Session on Wake Vortex Research in Europe — Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands