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    • Journal article
    surveys of aphids and potato virus y in potato fields in wallonia, belgium : a four year overview
    Bosquée, Emilie Yattara, Almouner A Crutzen, François[UCL] Bragard, Claude[UCL] Coulibaly, A.K Francis, Frédéric (2016) Journal of Plant Pathology : rivista di patologia vegetale — Vol. 98, no.1, p. 139-144 (2016)
    • Speech
    High-throughput screeling of Rhizobacteria with antagonistic and elicitation activities for potato protection
    Desoignies, Nicolas[UCL] Modrie, Pauline[UCL] Caulier, Simon[UCL] Liépin, Maxime[UCL] Mahillon, Jacques[UCL] Legrève, Anne[UCL] Bragard, Claude[UCL] (2016) 19th Triennial Conference of the European Association for Potato Research 6 to 11 July 2014 — Brussels, Belgium
    • Journal article
    Biological control by parasitoids does not enhance pepino mosaic virus transmission
    Noel, Pierre[UCL] Hance, Thierry[UCL] Muratori, Frédéric[UCL] Bragard, Claude[UCL] (2016) European Journal of Plant Pathology — Vol. 145, no.2, p. 493-499 (2016)
    • BookChapter
    Detection of Xanthomonas translucens in Wheat Seeds
    Duveiller, Etienne Bragard, Claude[UCL] (2017) Detection of plant-pathogenic bacteria in seed and other planting material — [ISBN : 9780890545393]