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    Groundwater indicators
    van der Linden, T. Tiktak, A. Boesten, J.J.T.I. Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] (2007) HArmonised environmental Indicators for pesticide Risk —
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    Metapearl: a metamodel for EuroPEARL
    Tiktak, A. Boesten, J.J.T.I. van der Linden, T. Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] (2007) ACS National Meeting — Chicago, Illinois, USA
    • Journal article
    Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] Boesten, J.J.T.I. Trevisan, M. (2000) Agricultural Water Management — Vol. 44, no. 1-3, p. IX-X (2000)
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    On the use of unsaturated flow and transport models in nutrient and pesticide management
    Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] Boesten, J.J.T.I. Tiktak, A. Jarvis, N. Kroes, J. Clothier, B. Green, S. (2004) Unsaturated zone modelling: processes, applications and challenges — Wageningen, The Netherlands
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    The HAIR groundwater indicator. Assessment of leaching of pesticides at variable scales using analytically based metamodels
    van der Linden, A.M.A. Tiktak, A. Boesten, J.J.T.I. Vanclooster, Marnik[UCL] (2006) 16th Annual Meeting of SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) — The Hague, The Netherlands