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Practical algebraic attacks on the Hitag2 stream cipher

Bibliographic reference Courtois, N.T. ; Quisquater, Jean-Jacques ; O'Neil, S.. Practical algebraic attacks on the Hitag2 stream cipher.Information Security. 12th International Conference, ISC 2009 (Pisa, Italy, 7-9 September 2009). In: Samarati, P.; Ardagna, C.A.; Yung, M.; Martinelli, F.;, Information Security. 12th International Conference, ISC 2009, Springer verlag2009, p. 167-176
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  33. Transponder Table, a list of cars and transponders used in these cars. Each time the table says PH/CR, which means Philips transponder in crypto mode, we assumed that this car uses Hitag2,