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A High-field Nmr-study of 2'-deoxyribo-c-nucleosides

Bibliographic reference François, Pierre ; Sonveaux, Etienne ; Touillaux, Roland. A High-field Nmr-study of 2'-deoxyribo-c-nucleosides.INTERNATIONAL SYMP ON THE ANALYSIS OF NUCLEOSIDE, NUCLEOTIDE AND OLIGONUCLEOTIDE COMPOUNDS (UNIV ANTWERP, ANTWERP (Belgium), Sep 19-22, 1989). In: Nucleosides and Nucleotides, Vol. 9, no. 3, p. 379-382 (1990)
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  1. Millican T.A., Mock G.A., Chauncey M.A., Patel T.P., Eaton M.A.W., Gunning J., Cutbush S.D., Neidle S., Mann J., Synthesis and biophysical studies of short oligodeoxynudeotides with novel modifications: a possible approach to the problem of mixed base oligodeoxynudeotide synthesis, 10.1093/nar/12.19.7435
  2. The details of the synthetic steps and the biophysical studies related to these compounds will be published elsewhere
  3. Among proposed methods are the comparison of the chemical shifts of the diastereotopic protons on C211, the comparison of the 13Cchemical shifts of C4; and C512, and the NOE observed on the protons of the sugar ring13
  4. Reagents and procedures:from 1 to 2: i, diphenylcadmium; ii, preparative TLC on silica, ethyl acetate/petroleum ether (1:15. v/v); Rf,2a0.23,2b. 0, 20.From 1 to 4:, i, excess penten-4-yl-magnesium bromide; ii, ozone,78′c, HC1 in methanol (1M): iii, conc. ammonia; iv, DMTrCI, pyridine; v, preparative TLC on silica, methylene chloride/methanol (95:5, v/v + 1% triethylamine): 5 successive elutions on the same plate;4a, front,4b, queue.From 5 to 2b:, i, 1, 3-dichloro-1, 1, 3, 3-tetraisopropyldisiloxane; ii, phenylchlorothionocarbonate; iii AIBN/n-Bu3SnH; iv, (Bu)4N+F- v, p-chlorobenzoylchloride
  5. Gunning J., Neidle S., Millican T. A., Eaton M. A. W., Mock G. A., Mann J., The structure of 3,5-di-O-benzoyl-1,2-dideoxy-1-phenyl-β-D-ribofuranose, C25H22O5, 10.1107/s010827018500525x
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  7. in CDC13, on a Bruker AM 500 NMR spectrometer DeIta TMS (ppm):2a, 2.35 (H2″), 2.90 (H2′), 4.58 (2H5). 4.67 (H4), 5.38 (H1), 5.58 (H3), 7.25 to 7.38 (5H. phenyl), 7.41 (4H), 7.64 (2H) and 8.01 (2H) (p-chlorobenzoyl),2b, 2.23 (H2′), 2.55 (H2″), 4.53 (H4), 4.66 (2H5). 5.26 (HI), 5.60 (H3), 7.24 to 7.46 (5H, phenyl), 7.35 (4H). 7.95 (2H) and 8 02 (2H) (p-chlorobenzoyl); the coupling constants of interest for2a, and2b, are reported in Table I.4a, 1.65 (H2″ and 2H6), 1.75 (2H7), 2.28 (2Hg), 2.35 (H2′), 3.09 and 3.27 (2H5). 3.95 (H4), 4.05 (HI), 4.27 (H3); JH-H (Hz): 1–2′, 6.5; 2′-3, 6.5: 3–4, 5.0:4b, 1.62 (2H6). 1.74 (H2′ and 2H7), 1.94 (H2″), 2.26 (2H8), 3:08 and 3.20 (2H5), 3.91 (H4), 4.16 (H1-). 4.27 (H3); JH-H (Hz):1–2′, 9.8;1–2″, 5.5; 2–3, 6.3; 2″-3, 2.2; 3–4, 2.5
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  11. With, for the N form, P=0; φm=35, and for the S form, P=180, φ m=35
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