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Hyperfine Coupling of B-12 in Noble-metals and Al - Enhancement of the Conduction-electron Spin Susceptibility By E-e Exchange

Bibliographic reference Pirlot, R. ; Cyamukungu, Mathias ; Grenacs, Laszlo ; Lehmann, Jean ; Coussement, R. ; et. al. Hyperfine Coupling of B-12 in Noble-metals and Al - Enhancement of the Conduction-electron Spin Susceptibility By E-e Exchange.Yamada Conference 34 / 9th International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions ( HFI-IX ) (OSAKA UNIV, FAC SCI, DEPT PHYS & LAB NUCL STUDIES, TOYONAKA (Japan), Aug 17-21, 1992). In: Hyperfine Interactions, Vol. 80, no. 1-4, p. 989-993 (1993)
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