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Counterdiffusion protein crystallisation in microgravity and its observation with PromISS (Protein Microscope for the International Space Station)

Bibliographic reference Zegers, Ingrid ; Carotenuto, Luigi ; Evrard, Christine ; Garcia-Ruiz, JuanMa ; De Gieter, Philippe ; et. al. Counterdiffusion protein crystallisation in microgravity and its observation with PromISS (Protein Microscope for the International Space Station).Biannual Symposium and General Assembly of the European-Low-Gravity-Research-Association (ELGRA) (Santorini(Greece), Sep 21-23, 2005). In: Microgravity - Science and Technology : international journal for microgravity research and applications, Vol. 18, no. 3-4, p. 165-169 (2006)
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