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Peroxisomal Localization of the Immunoreactive Beta-oxidation Enzymes in a Neonate With a Beta-oxidation Defect - Pathological Observations in Liver, Adrenal-cortex and Kidney

Bibliographic reference Espeel, M. ; Roels, F. ; Vanmaldergem, L. ; Decraemer, D. ; Dacremont, G. ; et. al. Peroxisomal Localization of the Immunoreactive Beta-oxidation Enzymes in a Neonate With a Beta-oxidation Defect - Pathological Observations in Liver, Adrenal-cortex and Kidney. In: Virchows Archiv. Section A: Pathological Anatomy and Histopathology, Vol. 419, no. 4, p. 301-308 (1991)
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