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Root-growth Inhibition of the Holorganic Layer of Moder Humus Under Spruce (picae-abies Karst) and Beech (fagus-silvatica L) .2. Biological Test and Organic-analysis of the Soil Solution

Bibliographic reference Vanpraag, HJ. ; Motte, JC. ; Monseur, X. ; Walravens, J. ; Weissen, Francois. Root-growth Inhibition of the Holorganic Layer of Moder Humus Under Spruce (picae-abies Karst) and Beech (fagus-silvatica L) .2. Biological Test and Organic-analysis of the Soil Solution. In: Plant and Soil : international journal on plant-soil relationships, Vol. 135, no. 2, p. 175-183 (1991)
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