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Time-of-flight SIMS and in-situ XPS study of O-2 and O-2-N-2 post-discharge microwave plasma-modified high-density polyethylene and hexatriacontane surfaces

Bibliographic reference Leonard, D. ; Bertrand, Patrick ; Scheuer, A ; Prat, R. ; Hommet, J ; et. al. Time-of-flight SIMS and in-situ XPS study of O-2 and O-2-N-2 post-discharge microwave plasma-modified high-density polyethylene and hexatriacontane surfaces. In: Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology : the international journal of theoretical and basic aspects of adhesion science and its applications in all areas of technology, Vol. 10, no. 11, p. 1165-1197 (1996)
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