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Expression of hepatocyte nuclear factor 6 in rat liver is sex-dependent and regulated by growth hormone. : (CYP2C12ygene transcriptionyhepatocyte nuclear factor 3yhomeoproteinsysexual dimorphism)

Bibliographic reference Lahuna, Olivier ; Fernandez, Leandro ; Karlsson, Hanna ; Maiter, Dominique ; Lemaigre, Frédéric ; et. al. Expression of hepatocyte nuclear factor 6 in rat liver is sex-dependent and regulated by growth hormone. : (CYP2C12ygene transcriptionyhepatocyte nuclear factor 3yhomeoproteinsysexual dimorphism). In: Proceedings of the National academy of sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 94, no. 23, p. 12309-12313 (1997)
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