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Specificity of Light-Induced Covalent Adduct Formation between RuIIOligonucleotide Conjugates and Target Sequences for Gene Silencing Applications : Light-Induced Covalent Adducts for Gene Silencing Applications

Bibliographic reference Marcélis, Lionel ; Surin, Mathieu ; Lartia, Rémy ; Moucheron, Cécile ; Defrancq, Eric ; et. al. Specificity of Light-Induced Covalent Adduct Formation between RuIIOligonucleotide Conjugates and Target Sequences for Gene Silencing Applications : Light-Induced Covalent Adducts for Gene Silencing Applications. In: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 2014, p. 3016-3022 (2014)
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