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LHC vector resonance searches in the $t\bar{t} Z$ final state

Bibliographic reference Backovic, Mihailo ; et. al. LHC vector resonance searches in the $t\bar{t} Z$ final state. In: Journal of High Energy Physics, Vol. 1703, p. 127 (2017)
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B. A., Blumenfeld B., Fehling D., Feng L., Gritsan A. V., Maksimovic P., Martin C., Osherson M., Swartz M., Xiao M., Xin Y., You C., Baringer P., Bean A., Benelli G., Bruner C., Kenny R. P., Majumder D., Malek M., Murray M., Sanders S., Stringer R., Wang Q., Ivanov A., Kaadze K., Khalil S., Makouski M., Maravin Y., Mohammadi A., Saini L. K., Skhirtladze N., Toda S., Lange D., Rebassoo F., Wright D., Anelli C., Baden A., Baron O., Belloni A., Calvert B., Eno S. C., Ferraioli C., Gomez J. A., Hadley N. J., Jabeen S., Kellogg R. G., Kolberg T., Kunkle J., Lu Y., Mignerey A. C., Shin Y. H., Skuja A., Tonjes M. B., Tonwar S. C., Apyan A., Barbieri R., Baty A., Bierwagen K., Brandt S., Busza W., Cali I. A., Demiragli Z., Di Matteo L., Gomez Ceballos G., Goncharov M., Gulhan D., Iiyama Y., Innocenti G. M., Klute M., Kovalskyi D., Lai Y. S., Lee Y.-J., Levin A., Luckey P. D., Marini A. C., Mcginn C., Mironov C., Niu X., Paus C., Ralph D., Roland C., Roland G., Salfeld-Nebgen J., Stephans 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