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Unknown-Input Attacks in the Parallel Setting: Improving the Security of the CHES 2012 Leakage-Resilient PRF

Bibliographic reference Medwed, Marcel ; Standaert, François-Xavier ; Feldhofer, Martin ; Nikov, Ventzislav. Unknown-Input Attacks in the Parallel Setting: Improving the Security of the CHES 2012 Leakage-Resilient PRF.22nd International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security (ASIACRYPT 2016) (Hanoi (Vietnam), du 04/12/2016 au 08/12/2016). In: Jung Hee Cheon, Tsuyoshi Takagi, Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security (ASIACRYPT 2016), Springer2016, p. 602-623
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