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Small Tweaks do Not Help: Differential Power Analysis of MILENAGE Implementations in 3G/4G USIM Cards

Bibliographic reference Liu, Junrong ; Yu, Yu ; Standaert, François-Xavier ; Guo, Zheng ; Gu, Dawu ; et. al. Small Tweaks do Not Help: Differential Power Analysis of MILENAGE Implementations in 3G/4G USIM Cards.20th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2015) (Vienna (Austria), du 21/09/2015 au 25/09/2015). In: Günther Pernul, Peter Y.A.Ryan, Edgar R.Weippl, Proceedings of ESORICS 2015, Springer : Trier (Germany)2015, p. 468-480
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