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Two yeast species Cystobasidium psychroaquaticum f.a. sp. nov. and Cystobasidium rietchieii f.a. sp. nov. isolated from natural environments, and the transfer of Rhodotorula minuta clade members to the genus Cystobasidium

Bibliographic reference Yurkov, Andrey M. ; Begerow, Dominik ; Boekhout, Teun ; Gouliamova, Dilnora E ; Zalar, Polona ; et. al. Two yeast species Cystobasidium psychroaquaticum f.a. sp. nov. and Cystobasidium rietchieii f.a. sp. nov. isolated from natural environments, and the transfer of Rhodotorula minuta clade members to the genus Cystobasidium. In: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek : international journal of general and molecular microbiology, Vol. 107, no. 1, p. 173-185 (2015)
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