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Pharmacological characterization of 7-(4-(Piperazin-1-yl)) ciprofloxacin derivatives: antibacterial activity, cellular accumulation, susceptibility to efflux transporters, and intracellular activity.

Bibliographic reference Marquez, Béatrice ; Pourcelle, Vincent ; Vallet, Coralie M ; Mingeot-Leclercq, Marie-Paule ; Tulkens, Paul M. ; et. al. Pharmacological characterization of 7-(4-(Piperazin-1-yl)) ciprofloxacin derivatives: antibacterial activity, cellular accumulation, susceptibility to efflux transporters, and intracellular activity.. In: Pharmaceutical research, Vol. 31, no.5, p. 1290-301 (2014)
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