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Relation between liver progenitor cell expansion and extracellular matrix deposition in a CDE-induced murine model of chronic liver injury

Bibliographic reference Van Hul, Noémi ; Abarca-Quinones, Jorge ; Sempoux, Christine ; Horsmans, Yves ; Leclercq, Isabelle. Relation between liver progenitor cell expansion and extracellular matrix deposition in a CDE-induced murine model of chronic liver injury.XXIth Belgian Week of Gastroenterology (Antwerp, Belgium, du 12/02/2009 au 14/02/2009). In: Hepatology, Vol. 49, no. 5, p. 1625-35 (2009)In: Belgian Week of Gastroenterology Abstract Book, JohnWiley & Sons, Inc. : (United States) Hoboken2009, p. 12
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