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    • Article de périodique
    EBP50 is involved in the regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell migration and cytokinesis.
    Baeyens, Nicolas[UCL] de Meester de Betzenbroeck, Carole[UCL] Yerna, Xavier[UCL] Morel, Nicole[UCL] (2011) Journal of cellular biochemistry — Vol. 112, no. 9, p. 2574-84 (2011)
    • Article de périodique
    Redundant control of migration and adhesion by ERM proteins in vascular smooth muscle cells.
    Baeyens, Nicolas Latrache, Iman Yerna, Xavier Noppe, Gauthier Horman, Sandrine[UCL] Morel, Nicole (2013) Biochemical and biophysical research communications — Vol. 441, no.3, p. 579-85 (2013)
    • Communication
    TRPV4 Channel is an Osmosensor and Mechanosensor in Proximal Tubule Cells
    Gualdani, Roberta[UCL] Seghers, Francois[UCL] Yerna, Xavier[UCL] Gailly, Philippe[UCL] (2018) 62nd Biophysical Meeting — San Francisco, CA