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    • Article de périodique
    Mars geodesy, rotation and gravity
    Rosenblatt, Pascal Dehant, Véronique[UCL] (2010) Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics — Vol. 10, no.8, p. 713-736 (2010)
    • Communication
    Consideration of Europa's icy shell thickness from the observation of its orbital motion
    Baland, Rose-Marie[UCL] Lainey, Valéry Rosenblatt, Pascal[UCL] Dehant, Véronique[UCL] (2007) European Geosciences Union General Assembly — Vienna, Austria
    • Article de périodique
    Phobos: Observed bulk properties
    Pätzold, Martin Andert, Tom Jacobson, Robert Rosenblatt, Pascal Dehant, Véronique[UCL] (2014) Planetary and Space Science — Vol. 102, no. 2014, p. 86-94 (2014)