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    • Communication
    Pluginizing QUIC
    De Coninck, Quentin[UCL] Michel, François[UCL] Piraux, Maxime[UCL] Rochet, Florentin[UCL] Given-Wilson, Thomas[UCL] Legay, Axel[UCL] Pereira, Olivier[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] (2019) The ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication - SIGCOMM '19 — Beijing, China
    • Article de périodique
    RFC 9265: Forward Erasure Correction (FEC) Coding and Congestion Control in Transport
    Michel, François[UCL] Michael Welzl Nicolas Kuhn Emmanuel Lochin (2022) Internet Engineering Task Force — Vol. 9265, no.9265, p. 21 (2022)
    • Article de périodique
    Open educational resources for computer networking
    Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] De Coninck, Quentin[UCL] Duchêne, Fabien[UCL] Gego, Anthony[UCL] Jadin, Mathieu[UCL] Michel, François[UCL] Piraux, Maxime[UCL] Poncin, Chantal[UCL] Olivier Tilmans (2020) ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review — Vol. 50, no.3, p. 38-45 (2020)
    • Communication
    It Is Time to Reconsider Multicast
    Navarre, Louis[UCL] Michel, François[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] (2022) IAB workshop on Environmental Impact of Internet Applications and Systems, 2022 — Virtual
    • Article de périodique
    A First Look at Starlink Performance
    Michel, François[UCL] Martino Trevisan Danilo Giordano Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] (2022) ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2022 — (2022)
    • Article de périodique
    The multiple roles that IPv6 addresses can play in today's internet
    Piraux, Maxime[UCL] Barbette, Tom[UCL] Rybowski, Nicolas[UCL] Navarre, Louis[UCL] Alfroy, Thomas Pelsser, Cristel Michel, François[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] (2022) ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review — Vol. 52, no.3, p. 10-18 (2022)
    • Communication
    QUIC: Opportunities and threats in SATCOM
    Kuhn, Nicolas Michel, François[UCL] Thomas, Ludovic Dubois, Emmanuel Lochin, Emmanuel (2020) 2020 10th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference and the 16th Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop — Graz, Austria
    • Article de périodique
    FlEC: Enhancing QUIC with application-tailored reliability mechanisms
    Michel, François[UCL] De Coninck, Quentin[UCL] Bonaventure, Olivier[UCL] (2022) IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking — (2022)