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    • Article de périodique
    Somatosensory evoked potential monitoring in carotid surgery. II. Comparison between qualitative and quantitative scoring systems.
    Witdoeckt, C Ghariani, S. Guerit, Jean-Michel[UCL] (1997) Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology — Vol. 104, no. 4, p. 328-32 (1997)
    • Article de périodique
    Time dependence of serial diffusion-weighted imaging features in a case of pyogenic brain abscess.
    Ketelslegers, Etienne Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Ghariani, S. Thauvoy, Christian[UCL] Cosnard, Guy[UCL] (2000) Journal of computer assisted tomography — Vol. 24, no. 3, p. 478-81 (2000)
    • Article de périodique
    Möbius sequence and severe pons hypoplasia: a case report.
    Saint-Martin, C Clapuyt, Philippe[UCL] Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Ghariani, S. Verellen, Gaston[UCL] (1998) Pediatric radiology — Vol. 28, no. 12, p. 932 (1998)
    • Article de périodique
    Focal seizure-induced premature myelination: speculation from serial MRI.
    Duprez, Thierry[UCL] Ghariani, S. Grandin, Cécile[UCL] Smith, A M Gadisseux, J F Evrard, Philippe[UCL] (1998) Neuroradiology — Vol. 40, no. 9, p. 580-2 (1998)