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    • Communication
    Qualitative prediction of solubilization of highly hydrophobic drugs in block copolymer micelles
    Dwan'Isa, JL Dinguizli, Mustapha[UCL] Préat, Véronique[UCL] Ariën, Albertina Brewster, M. (2005) 8th European Symposium on Controlled Drug Delivery — Noordwijk(Netherlands)
    • Article de périodique
    Retrievable micro-inserts containing oxygen sensors for monitoring tissue oxygenation using EPR oximetry
    Dinguizli, Mustapha[UCL] Beghein, Nelson[UCL] Gallez, Bernard[UCL] (2008) Physiological Measurement — Vol. 29, no. 11, p. 1247-1254 (2008)
    • Article de périodique
    Antibody immobilization on gold nanoparticles coated layer-by-layer with polyelectrolytes
    Masereel, Bernard Dinguizli, Mustapha[FUNDP] Bouzin, Caroline[UCL] Moniotte, Nicolas[FUNDP] Feron, Olivier[UCL] Gallez, Bernard[UCL] Vander Borght, Thierry[UCL] Michiels , Carine[FUNDP] Lucas, Stéphane[FUNDP] (2011) Journal of Nanoparticle Research : an interdisciplinary forum for nanoscale science and technology — Vol. 13, no. 4, p. 1573-1580 (2011)