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    • Chapitre
    Early Postoperative ICU Care of the Kidney Transplant Recipient
    Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] Castanares-Zapatero, Diego[UCL] Mourad, Michel[UCL] Montiel, Virginie[UCL] Collienne, Christine[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] (2017) Kidney Transplantation, Bioengineering and Regeneration — [ISBN : 9780128017340]
    • Article de périodique
    Pharmacological inhibition of tissue factor.
    Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] Wittebole, Xavier Collienne, Christine (2006) Seminars in thrombosis and hemostasis — Vol. 32, no. 1, p. 71-6 (2006)
    • Chapitre
    Artificial Liver Support
    Wittebole, Xavier[UCL] Castanares Zapatero, Diego[UCL] Collienne, Christine [UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] (2014) Regenerative Medicine Applications in Organ Transplantation — [ISBN : 978-0-12-398523-1]
    • Article de périodique
    Immobilization-Related Hypercalcemia in a COVID-19 Patient With Prolonged Intensive Care Unit Stay.
    Mesland, Jean-Baptiste[UCL] Collienne, Christine[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] (2022) American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation — Vol. 101, no.1, p. 61-63 (2022)
    • Article de périodique
    Bordetella hinzii bacteremia in a patient with SARS-CoV-2 infection.
    Chahi, Kamilia Collienne, Christine[UCL] Anantharajah, Ahalieyah[UCL] Rodriguez-Villalobos, Hector[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] (2022) Emerging microbes & infections — Vol. 12, no. 1, p. 2147276 (2023)
    • Article de périodique
    Improving the management of severe acute pancreatitis: The new guidelines from the French Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.
    Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] Collienne, Christine[UCL] (2022) Anaesthesia, critical care & pain medicine — Vol. 41, no. 3, p. 101103 [1-2] (2022)
    • Article de périodique
    Carnitine Deficiency after Long-Term Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy.
    Van De Wyngaert, Caroline[UCL] Dewulf, Joseph P.[UCL] Collienne, Christine[UCL] Laterre, Pierre-François[UCL] Hantson, Philippe[UCL] (2022) Case reports in critical care — Vol. 2022, p. 4142539 [1-4] (2022)