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    • Speech
    Biliary complications in pediatric liver transplantation: A 18 year single center experience in 429 cases
    Rivera, Jairo Darius, Tom[UCL] Fusaro, Fabio De Magnee, Catherine[UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] Janssen, Magda Reding, Raymond[UCL] (2011) 15th Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation, ESOT and 22nd Annual Conference of the British Society for His — Glasgow, United Kingdom
    • BookChapter
    Technique of Multi-Organ Procurement (Liver, Pancreas, and Intestine)
    Lerut, Jan[UCL] Mourad, Michel[UCL] Darius, Tom[UCL] (2015) Atlas of Upper Gastrointestinal and Hepato-Pancreato Biliary Surgery — [ISBN : 978-3-662-46545-5]
    • Journal article
    The one hundred most frequently cited articles in the field of clinical liver transplantation.
    Lai, Quirino Darius, Tom[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] (2012) Transplant International — Vol. 25, no. 6, p. e76-7 (2012)
    • Journal article
    Biliary tract complications and its prevention.
    Lerut, Jan[UCL] (2015) Liver Transplantation — Vol. 21, no. Suppl. 1, p. S20-S23 (2015)
    • Journal article
    Vascular and rare liver tumors : a good indication for liver transplantation?
    Lerut, Jan[UCL] Weber, Markus Orlando, Giuseppe[UCL] Dutkowski, Philipp (2007) Journal of Hepatology — Vol. 47, no. 4, p. 466-75 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Biliary cast syndrome after liver transplantation
    Apestegui, Carlos[UCL] Ciccarelli, Olga[UCL] Lerut, Jan[UCL] (2012) ANZ Journal of Surgery — Vol. 82, no.11, p. 849-850 (2012)
    • Journal article
    [Long-term Follow-up (3 To 15 Years) After Surgery for Chronic-pancreatitis]
    Lerut, Jan[UCL] Gianello, Pierre[UCL] Otte, Jean-Bernard[UCL] Kestens, PJ. (1985) Acta Gastro-Enterologica Belgica (Multilingual Edition) — Vol. 48, no. 6, p. 609-610 (1985)
    • Journal article
    [Bile duct cysts.]
    Lerut, Jan[UCL] De Goyet, JD Gigot, Jean-François[UCL] (1998) Annales de Chirurgie — Vol. 52, no. 2, p. 174-176 (1998)
    • Journal article
    Early fulminant graft failure in orthotopic liver transplantation with massive haemorrhagic necrosis
    Zimmermann, A. Lerut, Jan[UCL] (1995) Italian Journal of Gastroenterology — Vol. 27, no. 9, p. 501-505 (1995)