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    • Journal article
    The spatial and temporal complexity of the Holocene thermal maximum
    Renssen, Hans[UCL] Sëppa, H. Heiri, O. Roche, Didier[UCL] Goosse, Hugues[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] (2009) Nature Geoscience — Vol. 2, p. 411-414 (2009)
    • Journal article
    Simulation of Holocene cooling events in a coupled climate model
    Renssen, Hans[UCL] Goosse, Hugues[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] (2007) Quaternary Science Reviews — Vol. 26, no. 15-16, p. 2019-2029 (2007)
    • Journal article
    Sensitivity of the Antarctic sea ice to the thermal conductivity of snow
    Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Tartinville, B Goosse, Hugues[UCL] (2000) Geophysical Research Letters — Vol. 27, no. 3, p. 401-404 (2000)
    • Journal article
    Modelling the seasonal variability of the Antarctic Slope Current
    Mathiot, Pierre[UCL] Goosse, Hugues[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Barnier, B. Gallée, H. (2011) Ocean Science — Vol. 7, p. 455–470 (2011)
    • Journal article
    Spatial heterogeneity of ocean surface boundary conditions under sea ice
    Barthélemy, Antoine[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Goosse, Hugues[UCL] (2016) Ocean Modelling — Vol. 102, no.0, p. 82-98 (2016)
    • Journal article
    The elastic–viscous–plastic method revisited
    Bouillon, Sylvain[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Madec, Gurvan Legat, Vincent[UCL] (2013) Ocean Modelling — Vol. 71, p. 2-12 (2013)
    • BookChapter
    Long-term Climate Change: Projections, Commitments and Irreversibility
    Collins, M. Knutti, R. Arblaster, J.M. Dufresne, J.-L. Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Friedlingstein, P. Gao, X. Gutowski, W.J. Johns, T. Krinner, G. Shongwe, M. Tebaldi, C. Weaver, A.J. Wehner, M. (2013) Climate Change 2013 : The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. —
    • Speech
    Ensemble Kalman filter sea ice modeling
    Massonnet, François[UCL] Fichefet, Thierry[UCL] Goosse, Hugues[UCL] (2013) IICWG Workshop — Bremen