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    On-Body Channel Correlation in Various Walking Scenarios
    Pasquero, Oudomsack Pierre Rosini, Ramona D'Errico, Raffaele Oestges, Claude[UCL] (2014) 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation — Den Haag, The Netherlands
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    Antenna calibration for near-field problems with the Method of Moments
    Hislop, Greg[UCL] Lambot, Sébastien[UCL] Craeye, Christophe[UCL] Gonzalez Ovejero, David[UCL] Sarkis, Rémi[UCL] (2013) 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP) — Rome, Italy
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    Channel dynamics in body area networks: Recent results and challenges
    Oestges, Claude[UCL] (2015) 2015 49th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers — Pacific Grove, CA
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    Compressive Schlieren Deflectometry
    Sudhakara Murthy, Prasad[UCL] Jacques, Laurent[UCL] Dubois, Xavier Antoine, Philippe Joannes, Luc (2013) International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing — Vancouver, Canada
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    A magnetic-based approach for improving the specificity and sensibility of electronics biosensors in diagnostic field
    Van Overstraeten-Schlögel, Nancy[UCL] Lefèvre, O. Couniot, Numa[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] (2012) 2012 IEEE-EMBS Micro- and Nanoengineering in Medicine Conference (MNMC 2012) — Ka'aanapali, HI (USA)
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    Multi-party Function Evaluation with Perfectly Private Audit Trail
    Cuvelier, Édouard[UCL] Pereira, Olivier[UCL] (2014) 1st Symposium on Digital Trust in Auvergne — Clermont-Ferrand
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    Ultra-High-Efficiency Co-Integrated Photovoltaic Energy Scavenger
    Gosset, Geoffroy[UCL] Bulteel, Olivier[UCL] Baijot, P.[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] (2011) Proceedings of SOI Conference 2011 — Tempe (USA)
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    About the multipath stationarity of car-to-car channels in the 5 GHz band
    Renaudin, Olivier[UCL] Kolmonen, Veli-Matti Vainikainen, Pertti Oestges, Claude[UCL] (2010) 2010 URSI International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory — Berlin, Germany
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    Ultra Wideband Impulse Radar Calibration
    Bhattacharya, Arnab[UCL] (2009) IET International Radar Conference — Guilin, China
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    Shaping Template-Assisted Organic Nanowires.
    Melinte, Sorin[UCL] (2013) 223rd ECS Meeting — Toronto (Canada)
    • Journal article
    An analytical 3D model for short-channel effects in undoped FinFETs
    El Hamid, Hamdy Abd Iniguez, Benjamin Kilchytska, Valeriya[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] Ismail, Yehea (2015) Journal of Computational Electronics — Vol. 14, no.2, p. 500-505 (02/2015)
    • BookChapter
    Design of Thin-Film Lateral SOI PIN Photodiodes with up to Tens of GHz Bandwidth
    Afzalian, Aryan[UCL] Flandre, Denis[UCL] (2011) Advances in Photodiodes — [ISBN : 978-953-307-163-3]
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    Handling Imprecise Labels in Feature Selection with Graph Laplacian
    Doquire, Gauthier[UCL] Verleysen, Michel[UCL] (2012) 2012 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM 2012) — Vilamoura (Portugal)
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    Efficient analysis of mutual coupling in non-regular antenna arrays.
    Gonzalez Ovejero, David[UCL] Jha, Shambhu Nath[UCL] Craeye, Christophe[UCL] (2010) The 26th Annual Review of Progress in Applied Computational Electromagnetics, in Conjunction with RFIDay 2010 — Tampere, Finland, 2010
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    On the Evaluation of Oscillatory Fields in Finite and Infinite Arrays in the Context of Radiation and Scattering Problems.
    Jha, Shambhu Nath[UCL] Ozdemir, Nilufer Aslihan[UCL] Craeye, Christophe[UCL] (2010) ESF Mathematics Conference in partnership with EMS and ERCOM/INI Highly Oscillatory Problems: from Theory to Applications — Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, UK.
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    Traceable Group Encryption
    Libert, Benoît Yung, Moti Joye, Marc Peters, Thomas[UCL] (2014) Public-Key Cryptography - PKC 2014 - 17th International Conference on Practice and Theory in Public-Key Cryptography — Buenos Aires (Argentina)