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    • BookChapter
    The historical links between China, Europe and the Developing World
    defraigne, jean-christophe[FUSL] (2015) China, The European Union and the Developing World: a triangular relationship — [ISBN : 9781783477333]
    • Journal article
    Quand les Etats pensaient la mondialisation ?
    defraigne, jean-christophe[FUSL] (2016) outre-terre — Vol. 2016/1, no.46, p. 25-27 (2016)
    • BookChapter
    Is European aid so different? A long term comparison of European, Japanese and Chinese aid programmes
    defraigne, jean-christophe[FUSL] (2016) Approaches and Implementation of Asian and European Official Development Assistance (ODA) Similarities, specificities and convergences — [ISBN : 978-2-8061-0295-9]